How To Change Your Point Of View: Finding Inspiration Through Others

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By: Jamahl Hokstam

What would you do if you weren’t afraid “It’s easier to learn from someone else’s mistakes, than to make your own.” I’ve come to adopt this phrase as  part of my life. 

 I always seem find inspiration in those life stories that are more complex than mine, it  gives me a fresh perspective. After listening to something a person went through, I tend to make a brief comparison, which allows me to start to see things from  the point of view that “if they can accomplish those things with the limitations that they faced, what can stop me.”

It’s important to remember that everyone’s story is unique. While we can certainly learn from the experiences of others, we should also be careful not to compare ourselves too harshly or try to emulate someone else’s path too closely. It’s important to find our own way and to stay true to our own values and goals.

We can however find inspiration in others’ stories. This new found inspiration allows me to process life, through a lens of gratitude and fortune. Therefore I’m always looking for new and impressive stories to gain lessons from. For example when I’m going through a tough financial  time, I like to ask myself what would Warren Buffett or another role model do in a situation like this. I make this comparison because I value the way that person carried themselves through a similar experiences . 

There are plenty of scenarios where I can apply the story of one of my role models, who has gone through something similar if not worse.  They may not be able to help me physically, but I can place myself their shoes. I may even change my frame of mind to be similar to how theirs ( the role mode)  may have been in while going through their own situations. 

Another way to use the information obtained from the experiences of others, is to gain inspiration and knowledge from it. 

A easy way to acquire knowledge fast is to seek out mentors or role models. These are people who have achieved success in areas that we’re interested in and can offer guidance and support along the way. Mentors can be found in a variety of places, from professional networks to online communities to personal relationships. 

Life in its simplest form to me means to continue learning and growing on a daily basis. Sharing our own stories and knowledge with others not only helps us individually but also reinforces our understanding  and provides a deeper appreciation for our own experiences.

This of course leads me to the conclusion that we must pay attention to the stories the world has to offer or fall victim and become a part of that story of life.

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