The Risk & Rewards Of Being An Entrepreneur

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The Starting Line

Being an entrepreneur can be rewarding and exhausting. You get to work for yourself but also have to pressure yourself in order to see any results. Many people want to become self-reliant entrepreneurs, but don’t know the work that goes into it.

Ive been able to meet a lot of young entrepreneurs, many of them are trying to pave the road to their own success. For Ivan Dilone, owner of the brand LoveLostSociety, it has been quite a journey. He has been working on his brand since the pandemic of 2020.

Finding inspiration 

Ivan was inspired by his friends and families reaction when he created his own custom T Shirt. He thought to himself “ let me make a brand that everyone can recognize, I want people to see the brand and want it without knowing it came from me.”

Phase one 

Ivan’s process is an admirable one.. he approached the business from a smart point of view. He found a mentor, partnered up with them and helped them create an even more successful brand. This helped him learn every part of the tedious process and gave him the opportunity to gain real world experience.

Phase two

At this point the plan for Ivan and LoveLostSociety was to create his own brand identity and apply the knowledge gained towards that. Advice for anyone looking to explore creating their own brand: “ I think if you’re looking to start a brand, you should do your research work on perfecting your craft before actually selling your pieces.”

“You also can’t be scared to make mistakes along the way. I went from working with Vinyl and heat press to screen printing, but without the mistakes I wouldn’t know the difference.” – Ivan Dillone

The vision will never end.

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That being said we always need a vision and then move towards achieving that vision. For Ivan and his LoveLostSociety Fanbase the next visions entails opening a physical brick and mortar location and expanding his social presence and brand collaboration which he’s currently working on.

He’s still in the early phases of figuring this whole thing out but with the drive and focus, he will make his way into a competitive marketplace.

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