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We’ve all heard of top ranking baseball players from Mickey Mantel to Alex Rodriguez and more. There’s one thing they all have in common and it’s timing and hand eye coordination, key tools in playing organized baseball. This week I had the opportunity to sit down with Felix Fernandez, owner and inventor of the Hit Them All.

HIT THEM ALL aka the world’s smallest pitching machine, was designed to improve eye hand coordination, increase batting average and boost confidence. Not only is it portable, lightweight and easy to use, the biodegradable balls break on impact so players spend more time hitting balls and less time retrieving them.

The Motivation behind creating this product

The motivation behind creating this product stemmed from trying to be self -sufficient and cost effective. 

I was always self-motivated and was always trying to find new ways to practice and improve my skills, between bouncing the baseball off the wall taking grounders to practicing my swing everywhere I could. As I got older and understood myself and the game better, I realized that in order to get better at a team sport I needed someone to help me practice and improve.” – Felix Fernandez

Accurately hitting the ball is usually the biggest obstacle a baseball player will face, which is why coaches focus so much time on hand eye coordination. In order to perfect your hit, you learn to adjust hand eye coordination and swing pattern, and this always requires tons of space.

“My motivation for creating the HIT THEM ALL was to help alleviate some of these hurdles. By creating a pitching machine that was extremely portable that allows the user to take batting practice anywhere without the need for a human partner, expensive batting cage setup or needing a lot of room like a park or field.”– Felix Hernandez

The HIT THEM ALL allows the player the ability to work on their eye hand coordination at any moment, simply by placing it on the ground or on a chain link fence and swinging away.

The Benefits Of Using This Product

The industry standard pitching machines are usually big and heavy, some stationary, between needing two people to operate, scheduling time to use the machines and having to pick up balls. The HIT THEM ALL weighs less than 2 pounds.  You don’t need any extra accessories like a batting cage, net, tripod, extension cord to connect power to the machine, you also don’t need two people to operate it and you don’t need to spend time looking and picking up the balls after you hit them. 

The HIT THEM ALL also comes equipped with a remote control that gives the user and coaches the ability to pause the machine in order to give instructions or give the user a break to readjust.

The HIT THEM ALL is also one of the most affordable options at only $250 dollars and easily allows the user to take batting practice anywhere they can swing a bat.

What drives you to continue innovating ?

“The excitement of not only identifying a problem but figuring out a solution but watching an idea grow and come to life is what gives me purpose.”

Words of advice for anyone looking to create their own product?

” I recommend you take in every detail of your life experience and store it in your mind for what you think might not be important now could be important later.” – Felix Fernandez

This goes to show that everything can be improved and innovated, even the age old game of baseball.

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